Camp Resolute Campsite Reservation

The reservation process reflects our desire to know who is coming to camp as soon as possible and not overburden a troop’s time and resources. We need the cooperation of our units to help us track camp attendance so that we can plan further in advance and in turn provide you with a better experience. We encourage troops to establish a Scout savings plan for summer camp throughout the Scouting year. We also would like units to recognize that every time we move a tent and platform to accommodate a troop it shortens the life span of the equipment.

1. Reservation Process – Troops will have the opportunity to reserve the same site for the same week in 2017 as they had in 2016 if your reservation is made by the Wednesday pre-camp meeting. Troops who do not reserve their site by then will have their site made available for any other unit to reserve on Thursday morning. If you wish to have the same site for the same week, just register online by the Wednesday pre-camp meeting. If you wish to change weeks or sites – give us a call on Thursday and we will be able to discuss availability.

2. Reservations – Troop reservations are not transferable and are not refundable. Campsites may not be given away or traded amongst Troops. Any and all campsite sharing arrangements must be made through the Reservation Director. Any requests for changes in assigned campsites must be made through the Reservation Director. The Reservation Director reserves the right to change Troop reservations at any time.

3. Deposits & Payments – A non-refundable $250.00 Campsite Deposit will reserve a site for your troop. This deposit will be applied toward total camp fees. All Troop balances must be paid by May 15. An early bird discount will apply to all fees that are paid by May 15. The early bird discount will always be available to Webelos-to-Scout crossovers. All camp fees are assessed by Troop and individual Scout payments are not accepted for Scouts camping with their Troops. If the unit misses any deadlines or is unable to meet the minimum capacity for a site then the unit is subject to sharing the site with another troop(s) or being moved to another site to better utilize the capacity of the camp.

4. Leadership – Troops are required to provide Two Deep Leadership at all times; Camp Resolute does not provide in-campsite leadership. The Reservation Director reserves the right to make any necessary arrangements, including changes in campsite reservations, to enforce this policy.

5. Rules and Regulations – Camp Resolute publishes rules and regulations that must be followed during a Troop’s week at camp. It is advised that the Troop Leadership go over these rules and regulations with all Scouts and Scouters before camp and again upon arrival at camp.

For years, Troops have arranged for their campsites at Camp Resolute a year in advance. This is different from many other camps that may assign sites weeks or even days before Troops arrive. Troops at Camp Resolute tend to develop special affinities for their campsites – this is a great aspect of the Resolute experience. We understand that Troops enjoy these arrangements and often grow accustomed to them. We do our very best to honor each troop’s wishes. We are not in the business of disappointing Troops. Our goal is to deliver to Camp Resolute’s Scouts and Scouters the best summer camping experience possible. However, from time to time, circumstances may arise under which we are forced to make unpopular decisions. When it becomes necessary for a change in Troop reservations, we make every effort to be as fair as possible and to give as much advance notice as possible. In these cases, we ask for your Scout-like understanding and cooperation. The Reservation Director is always available to discuss your concerns and to address your issues.

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